Can you make GIFs from this video please? youtube(.)com/watch?v=_6C66hPXvwE

She looks extremely gorgeous in this video, right? I posted it. :))

Candice Swanepeol for Max Factor


Do you make crackships? If you do, can you make some crackship GIFs for Candice Swanepoel and Ian Somerhalder please?

I did one gifset. I hope you’ll find it realistic. They’re little bit bed-centered btw. ^^

Ian & Candice

Miranda and the look

Tanya Dziahileva

Miranda Kerr


Can you make GIFs of Miranda in You're The Boss mv, please? Preferably a lot, though because it's for roleplaying. Thank you!

I posted one gif set at first and I’ll keep making new ones. You’re welcome! ^^

Miranda Kerr - You’re The Boss

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