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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley attends the Chloe show with her goddess face


[[ Love. Love. Love. I Love All Of Your Edits And Gifs So Much. Seriously. So Much. I Get A Little Excited Whenever I See Your Posts In Candice's Tag. Aaah. I Just Wanted To Thank You For All Of Your Hard Work! Have A Beautiful Day/Evening, Sweetheart. ]]

You’re extremely sweet anon, I really thank you like at least ten thousand times <3

Me at hairdresser all the time

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

An Open Letter to Kendall Jenner About Her Model 'Bullying'


For all the people constantly messaging and asking why I don’t like Kendall or what I think of her career I BEG you to read this. This explains my entire perspective on the situation.

Indeed it’s a good perspective on this subject but I still don’t think ashing someone’s drink could be acceptable in society. If we don’t show each other respect as women, then how can we expect men to show us respect? Beside that, Kendall didn’t hire her-self. Some of the "big names" did and if we are gonna criticize Kendall, we also need to criticize them too. Kendall is a 18 years old girl who thinks being a model is fun but those big names have been in this industry for almost a half decade and they had many years to learn how to be ethical by now.


I love it! It's pretty and a different concept. But would you mind doing a normal one, too? I'm sorry ;_; The pictures are so great in their full size too.

You don’t need to be sorry. That editorial is breathtaking and it deserves many edits. I’ll post normal ones soon. :)

Paradise found. #costarica #natureseries


are you kidding i love your jokes <3

I miss you angel. :*

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